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Season 1, Episode 13

Our latest episode is available for streaming on your fave podcast app. Don't have a a podcast app? No problem! Listen here. Oh, and tell your friends!

13. A Deep Dive into Decoding Dreams: Advice from Dream Expert Lauri Loewenberg

“Understanding your dreams is like having a psychic for free to guide you through life's challenges!” says certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg. This dream expert to the stars is also the author of Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life, and founder of The Dream Zone. We chat with Lauri about the quarantine dreams phenom, and what people should keep in mind about their dream world.

Lauri has appeared on TV shows including LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, The Dr. Oz Show, and the TODAY Show (to name a few). She is also a successful pinup artist! Check out Lauri's website for more great insight into dreams and the dream world, and follow her on social media:

FB @LauritheDreamExpert

IG @pinup_artist_lauriloewenberg

Tw @LauriLoewenberg

Good Eats and Musings, too

During this episode ...

  • Dream expert Lauri Loewenberg shares simple tips on how to recall dreams. Anita, who rarely remembers her dreams, tried Lauri's simple tips and is excited to report that they really work!

  • Sheila shares a new documentary on Netflix that she finds "funny, funny, funny!" This show comes highly recommended.

  • Sheila and Anita reveal what is was like to finally reconnect during a summer social distance visit. They chat about measures that were taken to help keep everyone safe and healthy while sipping sangria, enjoying yummy snacks, and feasting on a BBQ meal that was fit for royalty. This visit between friends was loooong overdue. Click here for a few pics of the happy reunion!

  • And, don't forget to check out our Fave Finds hereyou'll be glad you did.

Got a bizarre news story that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If we feature it on an upcoming episode, we'll send you a set of three (3) Vintage Morning Glory face masksfor free!

Stay tuned for our next episode, and thanks for listening!

Anita & Sheila ~ The Moms, Moms Sipping Sangria

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