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Season 2, Episode 10

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Our latest episode is available for streaming on your fave podcast app. Don't have a a podcast app? No problem! Listen here. Oh, and tell your friends!

S2 Ep10. How to Cope with Pandemic Burnout: Advice from Functional Medicine Investigator Dr. Christina Carew

If you’re feeling empty, done, or burned out, you’re not alone. Burnout is real and more prevalent now than ever before. We chat with Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of HealingMe, and Functional Medicine Investigator Dr. Christina Carew. She shares typical signs of burnout. Dr. Christina also explains how we can shift the way we think to deliver a better tomorrow instead of lingering in the struggles of today.

Dr. Christina Carew is a functional medical investigator who approaches health with an out-of-the-box problem solving attitude. Her patients love that she breaks what seems like complicated mumbo-jumbo into humorous stories, and digestible information nuggets. She witnesses that empowering patients to better understand their own health leads to better outcomes and healthier lives.

Christina became a naturopathic doctor after experiencing her own complex heath journey. Her passion is to make health “easy to understand” for everyone. She is a forever learner, especially around the role our environment plays on our health, how our gut really is the centre of many health concerns, and how our mental wellness affects our daily living.

She is an international speaker, a published author, and an outdoor enthusiast. Her husband refers to her as a mermaid for her love of water sports and the ocean. Be sure to check out Dr. Christina’s website, and follow her on social media:


IG: @healingme.nd

FB: @ChristinaRCarew

Dr. Christina shares resources to help you assess where you land on the burnout scale, and how to ease adrenal fatigue:

Burnout Scale Download

Articles that may be helpful on Dr. Christina's blog:

During this episode ...

  • Dr. Christina talks about how we have entered a time when overfunctioning is normal. It's a time where you are responsible for family, friends, colleagues, work success, school success, parent success, pet success and so much more. She explains how we need to start setting boundaries in order to cope with pandemic burnout.

  • Dr. Christina sticks around for the entire show. She tells what she raises a glass to ... let's just say we count on her every day to do her job!

  • Sheila shares why she raises a glass to something free that provides her with hours of mindless entertainment.

  • Anita explains why she raises a glass to her daughter. Congrats, Ava!

  • During our Good News Chronicles segment, Anita shares how South Ajax has been spinning with sightings of a real-life superhero. Since the pandemic started, Spider-Man has been jogging along the waterfront and spreading joy along the way.

  • Dr. Christina spills the sangria as she thinks back to a time when she had to drive a stick shift ... a time she'd rather forget!

  • And, don't forget to check out our Fave Finds hereyou'll be glad you did.

Got a Good News story that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If we feature it on an upcoming episode, we'll send you a set of three (3) Vintage Morning Glory face masksfor free!

Stay tuned for our next episode, and thanks for listening!

Anita & Sheila ~ The Moms, Moms Sipping Sangria

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