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Season 2, Episode 7

Our latest episode is available for streaming on your fave podcast app. Don't have a a podcast app? No problem! Listen here. Oh, and tell your friends!

S2 Ep7. Helping Your Child Thrive: Expert Advice from Educational Strategist Jane Kristoffy, MEd

Jane Kristoffy is an Educational Strategist and the founder of Right Track Educational Services. She is passionate about helping kids of all ages excel, academically and personally, so they are set up for success in life. Jane shares tips on how to promote learners’ academic and personal skills at home. She also explains why kids’ learning skills are just as important—if not more—than their academic skills.

Over her 25-year career, Jane’s worn many hats including teacher, coach, guidance counsellor, and school administrator. She is also an author, speaker, and education expert who has appeared on news outlets across the country. This busy working mom is also a single parent and mother of two teenagers. We should also mention that Jane managed to find time to write a book. Yep, her new book LAUNCH YOUR KID: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent) is now available for purchase! Be sure to check out Jane's website, and stay informed by following Jane here:


IG: @jane_right_track

FB: @righttrackeducationalservices

Tw: @JaneRightTrack

During this episode ...

  • Jane provides an overview of the different services available to students from preschool through to grade 12. She also shares tips to help kids of all ages succeed academically and personally and explains how her business has been able to adjust its services during COVID.

  • Anita reveals that she is making a pivot in her career and explains why! For a a sneak peek at what she's up to now, visit Don't hesitate to reach out—some of her services are available during lockdown, and can be done no matter where in the world you live. Be sure to inquire about package deals.

  • Anita shares why she raises a glass to smiling babies and new moms, and why she tosses a glass on herself. Oy!

  • Sheila shares why she raises a glass to curbside concerts and so much more.

  • During our Good News Chronicles segment, Anita shares a story about an electrician who was called to do a repair job at a neighbour’s home. What he saw in this senior's home shook him to his core, which inspired a movement. And Gloria’s Gladiators was born.

  • Sheila spills the sangria as she shares a story that had her male co-workers scrambling for the Exit signs! Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get the point.

  • And, don't forget to check out our Fave Finds hereyou'll be glad you did.

Got a feel-good news story that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If we feature it on an upcoming episode, we'll send you a set of three (3) Vintage Morning Glory face masksfor free!

Stay tuned for our next episode, and thanks for listening!

Anita & Sheila ~ The Moms, Moms Sipping Sangria

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