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Season 2, Episode 9

Our latest episode is available for streaming on your fave podcast app. Don't have a a podcast app? No problem! Listen here. Oh, and tell your friends!

S2 Ep9. How to Cope with COVID Fatigue: Advice from Emotional Fitness Expert and Entrepreneur Dr. Natasha Sharma

As we dive into March, leaving the dead of winter behind us, Dr. Natasha Sharma returns to offer tips to help us deal with COVID fatigue. She shares ideas to help us help our kids, ourselves, and even teachers as we try to adjust, week by week, to pandemic rules that shift and morph. This is

Dr. Natasha’s third time on our show. She sticks around for the entire episode and shares some of herself with us.

Dr. Natasha Sharma is an emotional fitness expert and entrepreneur. She is the creator of “The Kindness Journal“ and the newly launched “The 8-Hour Therapist.” She has also appeared on News Outlets across the country. We're happy to say that Dr. Natasha’s third time on our show sorta makes her our resident Doc! Be sure to check out Dr. Natasha’s website, and follow her on social media:


IG: @thekindnessjournal & @dr_natashasharma

FB: Dr. Natasha Sharma

Dr. Natasha has a fantastic promotion for our listeners!! She is offering our listeners 50% off the purchase price of her new online program The 8-Hour Therapist (that's 50% off the regular price of $299 USD)!! This special offer won't last forever so be sure to take advantage of the savings before the Promo Code expires on March 14, 2021!!

Click the link to access the program: The 8-Hour Therapist program

Next, enter Promo Code to receive 50% off until March 14, 2021: MSS50

A bit about The 8-Hour Therapist program from Dr. Natasha:

We help you achieve EPIC MENTAL HEALTH by learning Emotional Fitness and Intelligence through our online DIY Counselling Program, so you can be happier, more successful, have better relationships, and dominate your potential in life!

During this episode ...

  • Dr. Natasha recognizes that we have all experienced disappointment in some way, shape, or form. She explains that the way to move through a disappointment is to recognize that the world is exactly as it should be. "What we focus on, expands," she says. "No matter what the situation ... this is the universal law." Such a great interview with so many nuggets of wisdom.

  • Dr. Natasha sticks around for the entire show. She tells us why she raises a glass way up high to her parents.

  • Sheila shares why she raises a glass to her middle child Lyla. She also explains why she raises a glass to evites.

  • Anita explains why she raises a glass to her sweet Dad (a.k.a. Poppies). She also shares why she tosses a glass over her hubby Ian's head. Hint: During zoom work meetings, you need to be able to see ... AND be seen, too. Oy

  • During our Good News Chronicles segment, Sheila’s niece Courtney Senior (IG: @courtseniorart) joins us to chat about her passion project that has caught on around the world! International Art and Found Day (IG: @artandfoundday; #ArtandFoundDay) is happening on March 12th. Artists from all over the world have signed up for this movement designed to put a smile on people's faces. Find out more about Courtney and this feel-good movement that has caught on around the world by clicking here: International Art and Found Day. Who knows? You may be inspired to join, too!

  • Dr. Natasha spills the sangria as she shares a story about getting up on stage in front of a huge corporate crowd to sing a tribute song to a fellow co-worker as the company bids him farewell. Too funny!

  • And, don't forget to check out our Fave Finds hereyou'll be glad you did.

Got a feel-good news story that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If we feature it on an upcoming episode, we'll send you a set of three (3) Vintage Morning Glory face masksfor free!

Stay tuned for our next episode, and thanks for listening!

Anita & Sheila ~ The Moms, Moms Sipping Sangria

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